Monday, May 12, 2008

Craigslist alternatives

Craigslist is introducing phone number verification. So far it is enforced on services and personals sections. It can be guessed that phone number verification will be introduced on other categories of craigslsit soon. So it is becoming impossible for non-US people to post on craigslsit. It makes is necessary to find out alternates. Following are some good alternates of craigslsit (i.e free classified sites like craigslist) in the USA and Canada:
  1. - The best craigslist alternative. It allows use of hyperlink, external image. It gets good traffic.
  2. - An eBay backed free classifieds for world wide. It's now one of the most popular free classifieds of USA. In Canada is more popular than It's drawback is that it allows only plain text ads. kijiji even doesn't convert URL into hyperlink
  3. Other sites that may be tried are,,,,,, etc..

Try these usa online free classifieds if you aren't able to post on craigslist anymore.


free classifieds sites said...

A good compilation of free classifieds sites is available here

Anonymous said...

Give these a look just to name a few.

eBackpage said...


Thank you for the information that you have given. One more classified site is here: