Wednesday, May 21, 2008

URL shortening services

We sometimes need to shorten a long URL to hide affiliate link or just to make it more decent looking. is the most popular URL shortenting services. As some websies blocks tinuURL we need alternates as well.
Following is a list of FREE URL shortening and URL redirect services (also known as URL forwarding service):


Anonymous said...

I suggest as it got a short domain and filled with useful features.

Work at Home for Cash said...

I frequently use . It's also very short domain. It's quite speedy.

Net mania said... is a new free URL forwarding site.

Make Money Online said... is a nice free URL forwarding website. It has a lot of domains.

Automatic Viral Marketing:Free! said...

Here is another free URL forwarding website I have found

Jack said...

Following three sites seem to be down now:

Avoid these.

Thanks for the nice list anyway.

Anonymous said... is another in this streamline.

Friendly webmaster forums said... is a nice site for free URL forwarding. It has options to send the URL directly to

Free Domain Name said...

I use free dot tk domain to hide my affiliate links. This method works better than free URL forwarding services.

Register your own free domain name now!

Online typing jobs said...

Cligs: Short URLs with analytics, social media monitoring, and geo-targeting.
Try it. Cligs Helps You Understand Your Traffic.

Free car classifieds said... the shortest URL shortener