Sunday, March 16, 2008

Google PR still valuable?

Once google PR was a valuable parameter to get top position on google's search result page. Now it has little value in this regard. So the question arises whether Page Rank still have any value at all.

Although for SEO, PR matters a little PR has some other significance. PR is part of your online reputation. Consider when a service buyer get quotes from two different companies : one company's site has zero PR while the other company's site has PR value 3. With whom the buyer will deal if the price is equal. Most like with the company have a PR of 3. Because PR value 3 proves that the company is not new and they have professional dedication.

Social bookmarking is an easy way of increasing PR.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Google has acquired DoubleClick

l Google has completed its acquisition of DoubleClick. Check out this. The combined company will offer more tools for publishers, enhance productivity and provide additional revenue opportunities so you can focus on creating more relevant content and improve the user experience on your websites. If you have a DoubleClick account, rest assured that everything will continue to operate as usual, and that you'll receive the same support you're used to. For more information, please read Googles' press release here

Goolge is already a giant in the field of internet advertising. With this acquisition google has established it's position more firmly.